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About Us

A major sea change is taking place all across the publishing industry. Digital composition has resulted in technological advances that have leveled the playing field across the board. Small digital printers can provide high quality books efficiently and economically. E-books can be delivered to the reader instantaneously and economically.

What We Do

Front Porch Press was founded on the concept that there are many talented writers and poets whose work gets lost in the traditional publishing clutter.  We hold the belief that an interesting, well-written story will always have an eager audience and a viable market.  So, first and foremost, we are looking for good tales, well told.

Next, we know firsthand the challenges and pitfalls that new authors face in today’s publishing world and have thought long and hard about how to overcome those challenges in a manner that protects and fairly compensates both author and publisher.  Consequently, we offer a publishing strategy that does just that.

Front Porch offers its authors three distinct publishing options that apply to both e-book and print-on-demand formats:

What They Say

My Magic Year

My Magic Year not only chronicles Mississippi State’s amazing 2014 season, but it also gives us an insight into the mindset of Mississippi State fans—of a certain age. Those of us who were around in the lean and dark years, can readily identify with the author’s fear and frustrations where MSU football is concerned, and we can all be glad that Dan Mullen is rapidly relegating all of that to the history books.

— Roy Ruby, Mississippi State, 1961

will d…a life in science

Dr. Carpenter was central to the international negotiations that produced the Chemical Weapons Convention. I was convinced that the CWC negotiations could never be completed without the direct involvement, advice and support of the chemical industry, but there was no pre-existing international forum that would have permitted that engagement. It was the genius of Will Carpenter to have seen that need and to have devised a national, then an international, solution. Without him we would not have an effective treaty banning chemical weapons today.

— Paul O’Sullivan AO CNZM, Chief of Staff, Office of the Attorney General of Australia.

Cow College

Hunting, fishing, football, coeds, beer, bourbon, burgers, and bouree’—four years in the trenches of higher education. What’s not to like?

— Chip Burson, Burson on Books

Delta Days

I recalled the hot days, nights cooled off by the attic fan, the smell of gardenias and pesticides, and many other memories that are brought back by Tommy Lawrence in this book. Tommy is a gifted writer with a good memory—a wicked combination.

— Carolyn Buckles Armstrong